Tasty Yogurt and Beet Frozen Dog Treats

Messy Mutts

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Frozen Yogurt and Beet Treats (A probiotic booster!) (Thank you, @furfoodies.raw for another yummy recipe!)


  • Your favourite plain yogurt from your local grocery store
  • Dehydrated beet powder or baked beet purée - whatever you choose!


  1. Grab your Messy Mutts Silicone Treat Maker (bake or freeze mold!)
  2. Dehydrate your beets in a dehydrator and then grind them into powder - or boil them until soft then purée them in a food processor until smooth.
  3. Mix the yogurt and beet powder or purée in a bowl.
  4. Carefully pour the mixture into the Treat Maker, filling each bone or heart mold right to the fill line.
  5. Place the filled Treat Maker in the freezer, and leave until the contents are completely frozen (approximately 2 hours).
  6. Serve your delicious probiotic booster to your furry friend, and watch them gobble them up! Woof woof!


The Messy Mutts Silicone Treat Maker hearts break in half easily when frozen for easy serving purposes - there's an easy break line built into the mold!